Those Weird Aliens In Elite:Dangerous Are Declaring War

You might remember when some mysterious alien activity started to get headlines in the game Elite:Dangerous, and now the plot has thickened. It took years of searching for anyone to first make any kind of contact with the aliens in this game, which is kind of surprising for a game based in space, but sometimes the suspense can make things a lot more exciting when it finally happens. Speaking of things happening, it took a while, but the story with the aliens is progressing, and things are getting tense.

When you encounter aliens, one of the first thoughts is probabally whether they’re peaceful or not. All of the players who spent months, even years, searching for alien life might have second thoughts now that they’re found it, because the aliens they found, called Thargoids, are ready to fight. One player was near wreckage of an assortment of NPC ships, when all of a sudden one of them was glowing yellow, and then turned to red, and then started sending out smaller vessels to attack the player. Players are getting completely torn up by this ships, but one guy managed to fight back and actually take a chunk out of the hostile alien ship:

To see a more succinct encounter with a Thargoid, keep reading until the bottom of this page…

A player by the name of Commander Badalloc has shared a guide on reddit that details how to encounter this ship if you’re interested in having your own alien experience:

  • Find a Non-Human Threat 5 signal
  • Drop in
  • The Thargoid does not attack you if you keep your distance
  • It deploys missiles when you approach. You have some time to retreat”

Based on that, it sounds like the aliens aren’t actively looking to engage in combat, but if you get too close and they consider you a threat, they have no problem trying to wipe you out.

This is all happening shortly after the release of the latest version of the game, 2.4. The developers had previously mentioned that the new update would bring with it a major conflict, and players have had months to prepare. How big will this escalate to? Only time will tell, but it’s safe to assume that whatever happens, it’s going to be a slow build, simmering more and more until it finally boils over into something much bigger.

It sounds like you may be able to escape from the encounter if your ship is fast enough, but don’t go looking for trouble unless you want to find it. Will players have to team up in order to fight off an alien invasion? Right now, this really just leads to a lot more questions than answers, but we’ll undoubtedly see things unfold in the coming months, and players are excited to see how things go. Maybe it will be a misunderstanding and they’ll come bearing incredible gifts for those who don’t attack? It’s all speculation at this point, but surely those who are paying close attention will be able to put things together and make the right decisions when the time comes.

Some players are hesitant to want to engage them, with one Youtube commenter saying “I like how they forced in a story about Thargoids destroying human cap ships just so players can pretend we aren’t committing unprovoked genocide because aliens.”

Update: There have now been reports of people being able to destroy the Thargoid ships, and apparently the rewards are very worthwhile… but could this be a trap?