Upcoming Video Game Release Dates To Look Forward To (2017 and Beyond)

Keeping up to date on all of the upcoming release dates can be a part time job in and of itself. As a gamer, you want to make sure you’re ready for what’s on the horizon, but it can be easy for certain games you’re looking forward to to fall in between the cracks.  The good folks over at EGM have put together an exhaustive list of all of the upcoming video game release dates to finish up 2017, and leading into 2018, so credit to them. We’ve cherry picked all the most anticipated games to bring you a more curated list.

It’s worth pointing out that the further ahead a release date is, the less set-in-stone it will be. Something coming up in a week or two is very unlikely to get any kind of delay, whereas a game that’s slated for months or a year from now could have the date shift around during that time.

Upcoming Videogame Release Dates

October 15th

8bit Invasion (PC)

October 16th

Gravity Ball (PC)
Konrad the Rocket (PC)
Tankout (PC, Mac, Linux)

October 17th

image: dungeons 3 via polygon

Breadwinner VR (PC, Rift, Vive)
Dungeons 3 (PS4, Xbox One)
Elex (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (3DS)
Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)
Megaton Rainfall (PS4, PSVR)
NBA 2K18 physical (Switch)
No Heroes Allowed! VR (PS4, PSVR)
Rogue Trooper Redux (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
South Park: The Fractured but Whole (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Taphouse VR (PC, Vive)
WWE 2K18 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

October 18th

Brakes Are For Losers (PC)
Fox Hime (PC)

October 19th

image: AoE definitive edition via azureedge.net

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (PC) (UPDATE: Delayed until 2018)
Bomber Crew (PC, Mac, Linux)
Cities: Skylines – Green Cities expansion (PC, Mac, Linux)
Spelunker Party (Switch, PC)

October 20th

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch, New 3DS)
Neo Angle (PC, Mac)
Pathstow Mystery VR (PC, Vive)
Syberia (Switch)
Walking Heavy (PC)
Welcome to Hanwell (PC)

October 23rd

City of Ages: Picture Supportive Text MUD (PC)
Glo (PC)
Poi: Explorer Edition (Switch)

October 24th

Chaos;Child (PS4, Vita)
Dead Hungry (PS4, PSVR)
Eve OnlineLifeblood expansion (PC, Mac)
Hidden Agenda (PS4)
Just Dance 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, 360, PS3, Wii U)
Knowledge is Power (PS4)
Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon (PS4, Switch, PC)

October 25th

AER – Memories of Old (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux)
Nightmare Boy (PC)

October 26th

Ancient Code VR (PC, Vive)

October 27th

image: wolfenstein 2

Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Kaet Must Die! (PC)
Little Nightmares Complete Edition (PS4, Xbox One)
Rugby 18 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
Violent Vectors (PC)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Zooistry (PC)

October 31st

Beast Quest (PS4, Xbox One)
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back (PS4, PC)
Final Fantasy XVComrades multiplayer expansion (PS4, Xbox One)
The Herbologist (PC)
Spintires: MudRunner (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection (Xbox One, PC)

November 2017 Videogame Release Dates

November 1st

Little Einar (PC, Vive)

November 3rd

New Nintendo 2DS XL Poké Ball Edition
Call of Duty: WWII (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Final Prophet (PC)
.hack//G.U. Last Recode (PS4, PC)
LeftWay (PC, Mac, Linux)

November 7th

Xbox One X
Horizon Zero DawnThe Frozen Wilds expansion (PS4)
Need for Speed Payback Deluxe Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Red Comrades 3: Return of Alaska Reloaded (PC)
Sonic Forces (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One, PC)

November 8th

Battlerite (PC)
Starblast (PC, Mac)

November 10th

Football Manager 2018 (PC, Mac, Linux)
Mario Party: The Top 100 (3DS)
Need for Speed Payback (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

November 13th

The Executioner: Prologue (PC)

November 14th

Ben 10 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
Demon Gaze II (PS4, Vita)
Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac)
L.A. Noire (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files (PC, Vive)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
Rime (Switch)
The Sims 4 Deluxe Party Edition (PS4, Xbox One)
Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

November 15th

Austen Translation (PC, Mac)
Time Gap Mystery (PC)

November 16th

Tannenberg Early Access (PC, Mac, Linux)

November 17th

image: skyrim vr via playstation blog

The Elder Scrolls V: Syrim (Switch)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (PS4, PSVR)
Pokémon Ultra Sun (3DS)
Pokémon Ultra Moon (3DS)
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon SteelBook Dual Pack (3DS)
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack (3DS)
The Sims 4 (PS4, Xbox One)
Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

November 21st

The Inpatient (PS4, PSVR)
Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PS4, PSVR)

November 24th

Age of Civilizations II (PC)
Insatia (PC, Mac, Linux)

November 27th

Odysseus Kosmos and His Robot Quest (PC)
Time Carnage (PC, Rift, Vive)

November 28th

Black Mirror (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Resident Evil: Revelations Collection (Switch)

November 30th

Chupacabra (PC, Mac, Linux)

December 2018 Videogame Release Dates

December 1st

Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray (PC, Mac, Linux)
Death Rings of Jupiter (PC)
Doom VFR (PS4, PC, PSVR, Vive)
Gear.Club Unlimited (Switch)
Pixel Soccer Early Access (PC, Mac)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

December 5th

Bravo Team (PS4, PSVR)
Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package (PS4)
SteepRoad to the Olympics DLC (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

December 6th

Professional Offroad Transport Simulator (PC)
Room Service (PC)

December 7th

Magic Girls (PC)
SpellForce III (PC)

December 8th

Hello Neighbor (Xbox One, PC)

December 12th

Fallout 4 VR (PC, Vive)
Okami HD (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

December 14th

Darkness and a Crowd (PC, Mac)

December 15th

After Rain: Phoenix Rise (PC)
Mark After Dark (PC)
Slice of Life (PC)
Wooden Battles (PC)

December 25th

Chiffa 2 (PC)
The Prototype (PC)

December 27th

Heartbound (PC, Mac, Linux)

December 28th

Warriors: Rise to Glory! (PC)

December 29th

Bacon Man: An Adventure (PC, Mac)
Colina: Legacy (PC)

January 2018 Videogame Release Dates

January 1st

Fatal Twelve (PC, Mac, Linux)

January 2nd

Comit the Astrodian 3 (PC)

January 10th

Albert and Otto (Xbox One)

January 19th

Kirby Battle Royale (3DS)
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC)
Skelattack (PC, Mac, Linux)

January 23rd

Lost Sphear (PS4, Switch, PC)

January 26th

Frontier Pilot Simulator (PC, Mac, Linux)
Monster Hunter: World (PS4, Xbox One)

January 30th

Adam Waste (PC)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4)

January 31st

The Station (PC, Mac, Linux)

February 2018 Videogame Release Dates

February 1st

Bang! Bang! (PC, Mac, Linux)
Beasts Battle 2 (PC, Mac)

February 9th

Potemkin (PC, Mac)

February 13th

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

February 14th

LOGistICAL – Earth (PC)

February 15th

Atom RPG: Post-apocalyptic Indie Game (PC, Mac, Linux)
Secret of Mana (PS4, Vita, PC)

February 16th

Negligee: Love Stories (PC, Mac, Linux)

February 19th

One Helluva Day (PC)

February 27th

Far Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

March 2018

March 13th

The Crew 2: Gold Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Frantics (PS4)
Pure Farming 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

March 14th

Echo Tokyo: Hoshi (PC, Mac, Linux)

March 16th

The Crew 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

March 20th

Penny Punching Princess (Switch, Vita)
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4)

March 29th

Abstract Initiative (PC, Linux)

March 30th

State of Mind (PC, Mac, Linux)

April, May, June, July, August 2018 Videogame Release Dates

April 13th

Infantry (PC, Mac, Linux)
We Happy Few (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

April 19th

Watch Me Jump (PC)

April 25th

Drift 19 (PC)

May 10th

Junkyard Simulator (PC)

June 6th

Tank Mechanic (PC)

July 2nd

Ingnomia (PC)

August 30th

Dark Devotion (PC)