This Valve Actually Lets You Control Your Internet Bandwidth

In our digital world, there’s something nice about being able to actually do something with your hands still. If you work with computers, you just don’t get that same sense of accomplishment as you get by rebuilding a transmission or building a fence. Now, this new crowd funding campaign for something called NetValve is looking to combine both worlds. This is a plumbing value, but instead of controlling the flow of water, it actually controls your bandwidth. Instead of having to go into the command prompt to limit, or increase, the flow of your bandwidth, now all you’ve got to do is adjust this valve.

It’s really easy to setup, you just plug it in between your modem and your computer, and then it’s just a matter of turning the value. You can limit your bandwidth as much as you’d like, and then with a turn in the opposite direction you can get things flowing again at full speed.

It’s made by somebody named Ilker Dagli, who works as a network admin at the Near East University at Cyprus.

“Do not bother yourself with the command line. Just turn the valve. Plug and play,” he explains. “We thought that limiting the bandwidth shouldn’t be that much hard and made a valve that simply controls your bandwidth. Simply because it works like a valve, it’s a valve.”

The valve is built into a piece of wood with an input and output for the ethernet cables that connect it to your network.

Sure, there’s software you can get to do this, but if you need an excuse to add a little steampunk aesthetic to your work space, this should do the trick.

This valve has been getting media coverage, however at the time of writing this, they’ve only raised $75 from two backers on their Indiegogo campaign. It costs $79 to pre-order one of these, so it appears that both of their existing backers decided to just toss them some cash to support the project, rather  than actually committing to buy one.

Here’s the pitch from their campaign:

“Control your bandwidth with a simple valve

  • You don’t need to be a networking expert
  • Limits the bandwidth on both download/upload
  • Just turn the valve
  • Plug and play
  • Your mom also can limit your bandwidth”

So for everyone out there looking for an easy way for your mom to limit your bandwidth, now you’re all set.