This $119 HDMI Cable Has a Unique Anti-Aliasing Chip to Remove Jaggies

HDMI cables for $100+ have a pretty bad reputation, since it’s usually just a way for a Best Buy employee to pump up the margins anytime they sell a TV to somebody who doesn’t know that it’s exactly the same as a $15 HDMI cable. There have been all sorts of gimmicks and marketing buzz around overpriced HDMI cables to the point where it’s basically become a meme. That’s why it’s so surprising that this new HDMI cable actually does improve the graphics for gaming and movies.

The popular Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips took these cables for a spin. While they did call out the company by saying that the example they provided (seen below) looks like it’s blatantly Photoshopped, they were still blown away that these cables actually made a huge difference in some cases.

image: mcable

For older retro games, not so much, but basically the consensus was that it made 480p look like 720p, and made 720p look much better. They went into it very skeptical and totally anticipated this to be total snake oil, but at the end of the day, the damn thing worked pretty decently, and even held up to their test about input lag.

It’s not just for games, although we’ll show some side-by-sides of games in just a moment. Here’s a look at a movie being played through this cable, under 4x zoom so you can see the difference much more clearly:

image: linus tech tips

Here’s a few examples of the comparisons, the only different is the cable. Look how much it cleans things up…

image: linus tech tips

Even though this mCable improves AA, it’s still pricey, and you’d probabally still be better off buying a better graphics card instead of paying this much for a cable. However, for consoles, it could be more worthwhile since you can’t just pop in a new GPU.

image: linus tech tips

Check out the video below for a complete rundown: