They Ranked English Accents In Order of Sexiness and People Lost Their Minds

There are a lot of different English accents on the other side of the pond from America. To people outside of the region, we can usually identify maybe two of them. There’s the John Oliver style accent, and then the Royal Family style accent. But to people who are used to hearing all of the different varieties their whole lives, there’s a lot more nuance involved that they’re able to pick up on, that people from other places usually can’t recognize at all.

Someone decided to go ahead and rank all of the different English accents based on how sexy they are, and obviously this created quite a stir. On the one hand, for people who are attracted the the accents, it caused a fury in that sense. Also, it caused an additional fury among the locals and people living in any of those places, especially if their accents were ranked really high or really low – but people were even arguing over the middle of the list. They could see which regions were ranked directly above them, and it caused some jealousy, but mostly it was all in good fun. Let’s go over some of the different accents, how they ranked, and how people have been reacting ever since this list was released.


There’s an on-going debate about which English accents sound the nicest, and which ones… don’t. It’s the same in a lot of places. If you traveled around America, you’d hear a lot of different accents, and certain stereotypes associated with them. Same goes for Canada, and Australia, but the English accents are among the most diverse.

Here are the ten English accents that ranked the LOWEST on the list:

  • Truro
  • Southampton
  • Salisbury
  • St Albans
  • Norwich
  • Wakefield
  • Wolverhampton
  • Sheffield
  • Hull
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham

The folks in Truro probabally aren’t thrilled to be so low on the list, but if somebody only looked at the bottom ten with a quick glance, they might think Truro was ranked 1st, so that’s something. The poor folks in Birmingham, however, are dead last no matter how you slice it.

Here’s how the original list defended their choice of putting Birmingham last: “Let’s face it, you don’t want a brummy reading the 9 o’clock news while you’re eating your cheerios. Nobody deserves that first thing.”

Here are some other highlights from the list, via LovinManchester:


  • 50. Bristol: A hearty, rum ol’ mystery of a sound. Learn what ‘lush’ and ‘gert’ mean and you’re pretty much fluent.
  • 45. Norwich: If it were a colour it would be beige.
  • 40. Coventry: The land of elongated words. Takes them a good hour to say anything at all.
  • 34. Peterborough: A truly frightening sound.
  • 23. Bradford: Allegedly the pioneers of the British curry, so these guys are ok with us.
  • 13. Chichester: If you can pronounce the name, you’re halfway there already.
  • 8. Oxford: The quintessential English accent? We can’t make up our minds.
  • 3. Cambridge: Hard to distinguish it as a unique accent as the place is inundated with ‘rah’ like students, all of whom are from Guildford anyway.
  • 2. London: Hard to resist the charm of the Queen’s English… if you can get them to give you the time of day, that is.

It’s worth pointing out that this list was made by a site called “LovinManchester” so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Manchester made the top of the list, and that most of their readers are also from Manchester and would agree. We can only imagine that LovinOxford would have Oxford in the top spot, LovinLondon would rank their own accent first, LovinNorwich would put Norwich at the top of the list, and so on and so forth.

image: wikipedia

Here are some of the reactions that people had:

Some people handled this list better than others. Some people had meltdowns, some thought it was just funny…

“While I 100% agree Manchester is by far the best city in the UK, if not thr world, I can’t agree the Manchy accent ‘cuts the mustard’ at all. It is a very lazy accent. While not technically a Mancunian as I was born in Warrington i have lived in Flixton for all but the first 5 years of my life as have my family for many generations !” said Anna from Facebook.

“would rather be sweet talked by a newcastle lad or yorkshire lad any time over a mancunian accent its awful particularly around Salford area” said Michelle on Facebook.”

“I agree that Norwich is boring but how is Chelmsford with it’s whiny Essex accent at number 15?! Surely that’s competitive with Birmingham for last place! You got the Manchester accent right though!” said Andy on Facebook.”

A lot of the arguments weren’t over who was in first place, but just wanted to be ranked ahead of their rivals, like Andy who wasn’t happy with Clemsford in 15th because he thought they deserved last.

Where are you from, and what do people think of your accent when you meet them?