Rainbow Six Siege update has a bug that could wreck your PS4

PS4 owners playing Rainbow Six Siege are being warned to think about putting the game back on the shelf for the near future, until Ubisoft is able to come up with a solution to some really alarming bugs that have been popping up. Usually, when it comes to bugs in games, the worst case scenario is that the game freezes and you lose your progress, or in extreme cases, that your save file becomes corrupted and unusable. In this case, however, something much, much worse could happen.

image: gamerant.com

The latest update to Rainbow Six Siege could potentially do something much worse than a simple freeze or crash, as one reddit user named ZERO_Magni has expressed. They posted the following message about their experience after updating the game:

“Upon update you will most likely receive a hard drive corruption error (CE-36329-3) which basically bricks your console. Deleting the game does not fix. Initializing the PS4 does not fix.”

Thankfully, upon further inspection, it sounds like the damage caused by this isn’t going to permanently ruin your hardware, but it does sound like it can still corrupt your account and it’s unclear what kind of a fix may be available. The same reddit user later posted an update stating the following:

“Quick and Full initialization do nothing to fix the error. As far as I can tell, playing the updated version of the game breaks your account, not your system. You can log into a smurf account and it will work fine as long as it hasn’t played updated rainbow. I will be launching rainbow on a smurf to see if it loses functionality soon.”

image: instant-gaming.com

Ubisoft has had their share of controversies and run-ins with various gaming communities over the years, with the brunt of it coming from PC gamers who are annoyed with Ubisoft’s “UPlay” game launcher and very, very aggressive DRM that can basically ruin the entire experience. On top of that, some of their PC ports of popular games have been a little rough around the edges, to say the least. A big part of the hate that Ubisoft gets also has to do with the fact that they used to be held in very high regard, especially in the action/adventure genre, so some of their longtime fans see it as a real fall from grace.

In any case, hopefully they’re able to solve this latest issue very quickly so that fans of this game can get back in the action as soon as possible.

Rainbow Six Siege was originally released in December of 2015, and it’s still a fairly popular game today, enough so that these problems with the latest update are putting a lot of consoles at risk. In addition to the possibility of crashing your console, there are some other issues with this game as well, that aren’t quite as serious but that still ruin the experience.

There’s the bug that will crash your game sometimes if you use the party system in Rainbow Six Siege, so Ubisoft is recommending that players avoid that feature until it has been patched up. Ubisoft is aware of these issues, and have said that they are currently working with Sony in order to fix them, but they don’t know how long it could take to fix.

Also, another user on reddit posted a thread compiling all of the game-breaking glitches in every map currently in rotation for multiplayer. The glitches range from being able to fall  through the map under certain circumstances, to something much more blatant: being  able to move inside of the map and see through walls, as shown in the video below:

There are multiple areas in multiple maps where players are able to do that, and it breaks the game. This video is from about a week ago, before the latest console-crushing issues arose.

Despite the issues, this game has still been well-received and has a 9/10 score on Steam. In the past when companies have had missteps, it’s not unprecedented to see their Steam scores take a hit. In this case, the recent reviews from the past 30 days are only a smidgen lower than the historical reviews.

As far as the crashing issues, it appears that they only has an impact on PS4 owners, as there aren’t any reports of issues with PC or Xbox One, at least not yet.

If you do want to give this game a try on your PS4, or to continue playing it if you already own it, proceed with caution. At the very least, avoid any social/party features, and avoid your friends list. For people who are actively playing the game, that alone could make it not worth logging in until these things are taken care of.

Hopefully, Ubisoft is able to come up with a solution soon.