PC Player Discovers Secret Menu in WWII Beta; Reveals First Look at Uplink and More

The PC open beta is live for Call of Duty: WWII and one player found something very interesting hidden away. There’s some type of unfinished menu, which includes elements that appear to be leftover from Advanced Warfare. This menu isn’t just a look backwards, but it also reveals some clues as to what may be coming down the pipeline for WWII.

Credit to reddit user trevormine who found these bugged menus in the open beta and shared their findings. We’ll include some photos below, but first here are some of the noteworthy findings. Please note that none of this is written in stone, obviously, it’s still just a beta, and a bugged hidden menu from the beta at that. With that out of the way, it’s still interesting to see the path that things are going down.

One aspect that has people feeling a little annoyed is that it appears as if there are going to be 10 maps at launch, presumably with more coming later on via DLC. This continues a trend of CoD games launching with less maps. Also, of course, it’s entirely possible that the other maps are still being worked on and thus weren’t referenced here yet.

image: travormine

Some have pointed out that these maps are listed in alphabetical order, and it’s entirely possible that there could be more, if you scroll down while in the menu.

It looks like it’s going to launch with support for MLG’s Gamebattles, too. The multiplayer menu references it.

There’s a new game mode that hasn’t appeared in any previous titles in the series yet, called Gridiron. You can also see a confirmation of the┬áCarentan map, which is a bonus for people who buy the Season Pass.

Here’s a look at Gridiron, which seems to be a slightly different take on Uplink:

There’s a combat record menu, and this is where you’ll still see placeholders from a previous CoD game. The Combat Record menu mentions the Exo Launcher, which had some people thinking “Oh no…” but it’s pretty clearly just a leftover from the last game, where they seem to have ported some of the menus over from.

Did you pre-order your copy and get into the Beta, and if so, what do you think so far? Is this the breath of fresh air that CoD fans have been waiting for? Is it going to bring back players who have fallen off in recent releases?