This New Videogame Has a 400-Player Mode That Could Take on PUBG

There have been plenty of games over the years that try to put together massive multiplayer worlds, sometimes it works and becomes a smash hit, other times… not so much.

The latest title to throw their hat into the ring is only known as ‘Project X’ so far, and it’s being released by a newer studio in the UK called Automaton. It has been reported to feature a survival mode where 400 players will duke it out similar to the battle royale genre that’s been on fire lately, but it has also been reported that there will be a massive map that’s 12 square kilometers (about 7.5 miles) where upwards of 1000 players will be able to play in a more persistent world. You’ve got to admit, taking a chicken dinner from 400 people will be a lot more satisfying that merely besting a meager 100 opponents.

image: pcgamer

So far they’ve raised 10 million dollars towards development of this game, but it’s going to take more than cash to strike lighting in a bottle and be the “PUBG Killer” that everyone is trying to come up with.

“You’re all on an island and it’s set in the near future,” revealed the company’s CEO to PCGamer. “There’s a reason you’re all there. There is a central capital which runs the area. You have four faction towns which have different agendas—they [either want] to live there and make the best of what they have, or they’re really trying to take over. And you’re part of this set of people who have come in and you are going to be here to overthrow the whole regime, effectively, and that will literally happen.”

“On a global scale between what all the players do, the whole narrative will progress based on those player interactions, but there’s fully fleshed out characterisation and stories for all the different parts of the land. So there is quite a lot of narrative, that’s a big part of what ties together that side of the experience.”

They’re using a special cloud platform known as SpatialOS which is supposed to help create a game that runs on such a huge scale. There’s the massive 1000 player mode that is described as a full-on MMORPG, and then a separate competitive mode where you’re going against 400 other players to see who comes out on top.

image: pcgamer

“We do have, within our game, the arena mode where you do play in that format, but I would say that it’s not really player numbers that is the big differentiator between what we’re doing and what these games have done. It’s the level of simulation, the level of fidelity and the amount of information you see and how that affects the tactics used in the game.”

“We’re doing something that’s progressive I think from the battle royale games that are out there, but that’s not the scope of the game. It’s all about really pushing—in a specific way—MMORPGs forward and yet being a dip-in dip-out shooting experience,” explains James Thompson from Automaton.

So whether you’re looking for a more classical style MMORPG where you can level up and reap the rewards of the grind, or a one-off battle royale style mode, ‘Project X’ aims to deliver.

We’ll keep you posted as we’re able to learn more about this game in the coming months.