This New Gaming Mouse Offers an Advantage for FPS and MMO Games

Which gamer doesn’t want any advantage they can have (short of cheating, of course)? When you’re playing on a console, most people are going to have the same controller save for some real enthusiasts (Or the buddy who gets stuck with the Mad Catz), but when it comes to PC gaming there are a lot more options, and it’s all about finding the mouse that has the features you need, fits within your budget, and also just fits and feels right. To take it a step further, what if the mouse had actually buttons that could give you an advantage in certain types of games? Would you consider that cheating?

image: amazon

Mouse companies will try to come up with designs and weigh-layouts that are most comfortable for as large a group as possible, but nothing’s ever going to be perfect for everyone unless you’re able to somehow customize it, and that’s where the Viper V570 by Patriot comes into play. This mouse costs around $50, and can give you a real advantage in a number of different games.

This mouse has 13 different buttons that you can program and map with a variety of different keys and functions, and you can adjust the weight to fit your playing style and genre. With an 8k dpi laser, you’ll be having a very precise experience. There’s a special button and when you press it, it scales down the dpi to 400 instead, to help you get those precise sniper shots by making the mouse a lot less sensitive, temporarily. This is where things get a little controversial for some people. It’s definitely an advantage over people that don’t have access to the ability to instantly change their mouse settings/sensitive at the drop of a hat, but is it an unfair advantage? Would you be annoyed if someone was using it against you?


There’s a stack of thumb buttons that are going to be useful for MMO players, too, without being too over the top like some other dedicated MMORPG mice we’ve seen in the past.

Patriot is best known for their memory, however they’ve been making some moves in the world of peripherals and this is their latest. The weights can be added for up to 34.2 grams of additional mass, and the 8k dpi can actually go all the way up to 12,000 using an up-scaling process. Some pro gamers don’t like having the hyper-sensitivity of a mouse with such high dpi, but they’ll also really appreciate the button to drop the dpi.