Justin Bieber Got Embarrassed After Sliding Into This Girl’s DMs

When you’re one of the most popular musicians and biggest celebrities on earth, you don’t have to look very far when it comes to finding someone to fool around with. Biebs might not be the smoothest guy in the world, but he definitely pulls his fair share wherever he goes. Do you really think his recently cancelled tour was due to exhaustion, just from singing every night? That’s not the only way to get exhausted on the road, if you catch our drift. In any case, he allegedly went about trying to pick up this one woman in a kind of creepy way, and it totally backfired, and also made her boyfriend feel like an absolute boss. So, what happened? Here’s her side of the story…

image: instagram/jessigoberr

It all started when her gym’s Instagram account posted a video of her. The video features her holding an energy drink and shaking her hips on a loop. One of her many nice features obviously caught Bieber’s attention. Whether it was her lovely smile or something else, only the Canadian crooner knows for sure. In any case, he must have been bored with all of his new downtime after cancelling the rest of his tour, maybe feeling a bit restless, looking for some female companionship, but he was barking up the wrong tree and ended up getting publicly humiliated instead.

Anyways, after Justin stumbled across this little video, he send a DM directly to the gym’s Instagram account asking who she is:

Note: We cropped out some of the white space from this image to save space. (image: twitter)

The girl in the gym video is named Jessica Gober, she works at the gym, and she posted the screenshot of Justin reaching out to her own account to show off that Justin was asking about her.

Just to play devil’s advocate, he didn’t say anything about wanting to date her or if he was even asking for personal reasons. Maybe he needed a model for an upcoming music video, and she killed her opportunity by assuming he wanted to hook up?

The really strange thing here is that the video was posted to a very small Instagram account, and it was only their 6th post. Is it possible that this is a hoax in order to promote the social accounts of Jessica and the gym? After all, she did appear in Cosmopolitan shortly after to promote her upcoming “Booty workout plan”. It’s definitely possible, but it’s not inconceivable that Justin would have somehow stumbled across that account, either. If so, does that mean he’s lowkey cruising around Instagram for the accounts of obscure gyms in order to meet up with their staff, or is this a one-off kind of thing?

image: instagram/jessigoberr

At the end of the day, he wasn’t rude or crude at all, he was simply asking who she was, and then he gets put on blast with everybody assuming what his intentions were when only he knows the truth.

Jessica followed up by posting a bunch of pictures of her and her boyfriend, saying “I’ve got everything I need right here.”

image: twitter

Also, to be fair, someone in the comments pointed out that he was simply asking who she was, not proposing marriage… and she responded sarcastically to basically say, “Yeah, no kidding.” So it’s not like she thought Justin wanted to run away with her or anything. Either way, it was clearly a fun experience for her to find out that Justin was asking about her, and it’s got to be a huge ego boost for her boyfriend, too. Some people have speculated that she could have popped up on his Explore page, rather than him somehow cruising around for small gym pages. Makes sense. All’s well that ends well.

However, there are some hardcore Justin Bieber fans who are absolutely heartbroken and torn up with jealousy. Like this one:

Something tells us that Justin isn’t too heart broken over this whole thing, either. There are also already people making fake accounts in Jessica’s name to try and impersonate her, perhaps to set a trap for Bieber in hopes that he’ll message them and they can try to catfish him. At this point, who knows? At the end of the day, he reached out to find out who somebody was, nobody really knows why he did it, then she was presumably very amused, possibly flattered and a bit star struck and took those messages public, and that’s all we really know about this.