Huge YouTube Stars Get Into Scuffle On Stage

Upload is a yearly event where content creators gather together with a bunch of their fans. From gaming channels, comedy channels, music channels, and more – you’ll find a lot of the top Youtubers all under one roof, and sometimes that can lead to a healthy dose of chaos.

You might remember Vidcon from earlier in the summer, where there were also some hectic moments like when Jake Paul decided to randomly hide money everywhere and nearly caused a riot when he decided to run into a crowd of fans after being warned about doing so.

What’s popular on YouTube varies as trends come and go. From Story Time to Let’s Play to filling up a swimming pool with cola, thees things come and go. Lately, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the top trending videos, you’ll have noticed that diss tracks are trending often these days, and KSI has been one of the names that keeps popping up again and again.

image: youtube

The event features all sorts of things to see and do, and has grown significantly since last year. There are multiple stages, designated areas where fans can meet their favorite creators, there are gaming tournaments that you can enter and watch, places to buy merch from your favorite channels, contests and competitions, a retro zone for a walk down memory land, and more.

Despite everything there was to see and do at Upload London 2017, there’s one event in particular that’s getting all of the attention, and that’s when KSI took the stage with another popular creator named Joe Weller, and as the crowd looked on chanting “fight! fight! fight!” as the two got right up in each other’s faces. With the crowd, the adrenaline of the moment, and realizing that everyone’s watching and this could get them both a ton of buzz, it was really only a matter of time until they put hands on one another and started to fight.

image: capitalfm

Tazza managed to catch the scuffle on camera, and also offered up some more background information while speaking with LADbible:

“The previous day (Saturday, September 9) KSI was on a panel and was talking badly of Joe Weller.

“Joe then replied to someone on Twitter who had informed him about this. Joe then gatecrashed KSI’s panel on Sunday, which led to the face-off.

“The screams were mostly from kids full of excitement. Some parents and other people were quite shocked.

“The bodyguards had to pull them apart as well as Joe Weller’s close friend, Elliot Crawford. Joe was escorted out of the panel room and KSI didn’t seem very happy throughout the rest of the panel.”

Tensions between Joe and KSI go back before that first panel, however. The day before they got into it, KSI was talking trash about Joe at a different panel, and the next day Joe showed up out of nowhere to confront him about it publicly. Some people are saying this is all staged in order to get people talking about the event and to help these two grow their channels, and it wouldn’t be unprecedented since they’ve all tapped into this latest wave of YouTube drama and have been using it to grow their channels in recent months.

Here’s a video from the confrontation between Joe Weller and KSI:

Even before this confrontation, there have been videos back and forth between the two, planting the seeds of this rivalry.¬†Whether or not this was all a big publicity stunt, what really matters is how the fans and the audience react to it, if they eat it up then it’s a success. Even if most people think it’s fake, it can still be a success since everyone’s talking about it either way, and it seems like the old saying “all press is good press” is truer these days than ever before.

Here are some reactions that people have had to this whole kerfuffle:

“It doesn’t work when they’re all smiling and laughing at it, I know it’s fake but at least try,” said Dwyane Wade.

“They must feel really badass having a bunch of children screaming at them to fight,” said macnams.

“Fake af and just straight cringe,” said JarrShyy.

Others with a more critical eye, or having flashbacks to the recent Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout, are pointing out that KSI seems like he’s out of breath just from this, and how that could mean he might not fare very well in an actual fight, so they’re giving the edge to Joe. Others are pointing out how this manufactured drama is just cringy and hard to watch. Which camp do you fall into, do you think this was real or just set up to get attention? And of course, the most important question, who would win in a fight between KSI and Joe Weller?