This Athlete Destroyed Mia Khalifa After She Slid Into His DMs

Mia Khalifa is a former adult film star who has made headlines in the past for putting guys on blast that have tried to ‘slide into her DMs’, but now it seems as if the tables have turned.

Gilbert Arenas is a former NBA player who was drafted by the Golden State Warriors and spent most of his career playing for the Washington Wizards. When he opened up his DMs to find Mia Khalifa reaching out and wanting to get together with him, he ignored her. Then it happened again, and he ignored her again. But she persisted. Finally, he took a screenshot of the one-sided conversation and posted it on his Instagram for the world to see along with the following caption:

“@miakhalifa would slide in my dm #fortheD 😂😂the thirst is real since backpage is gone 😂😂😂this #Bihhh has no room for negotiations with me.. $150 or you better slide into #nelly dm for that raw dick behind a #walmart 😬😬”

She responded. But that’s now where the story ends, things got really crazy the next time the two met up, but let’s go over those screenshots before we dig into the latest between these two…

After this conversation was originally posted and went viral, it was soon revealed that the two would be co-hosting a new sports talk show together, which obviously raises a lot of red flags that the original Instagram post by Arenas was just a goof to drum up some publicity. It would be surprising if they came up with the idea for the show after the fact, in such a short amount of time, plus in her DMs Mia references the first time that the two had already met, which was probably when talks for the show commenced. It’s pretty obvious when you put 2+2 together, especially considering Mia’s follow-up post:

It seems like Arenas was making a parody of the times that Mia Khalifa has called guys out for their private message antics.

Here’s a statement from Complex, who are putting on the show:

“Today, Complex announces Out of Bounds, our new sports talk show that explores the cultural impact of today’s biggest sports leagues, players, and headlines. We’ve tapped none other than former adult film actress turned-social media star Mia Khalifa and former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas to spearhead the new daily program.

“I am thankful to Complex for the opportunity and to Gilbert for being a part of it,” Khalifa said. “I can’t wait to offend and upset a whole new fan base.”

Arenas also shared his excitement around the new show. “I always knew that I wanted to work in sports media after retiring, and Complex just made sense. Being able to talk sports while being myself is truly rewarding.”

Complex’s own Pierce Simpson will serve as moderator (or “Coach Pierce,” if you will) as Khalifa and Arenas square up over the biggest stories in sports.”

They should make a good duo. There’s a reason he’s called No Chill Gil and they should have a fun dynamic together. Also, neither of them is a stranger to controversy, so expect more stunts to promote the show in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t seen the previous attempts to hook up with her that she’s posted in the past, here’s a brief history of Mia Khalifa publicly shaming guys for hitting on her: 

This one is from September, when Willson Contreras, who is the catcher for the Chicago Cubs, was looking to make a new friend with her and didn’t seem to get the hint when she wasn’t responding. So for all you guys out there, if you’ve ever been on the wrong end of an awkward online conversation that you looked back on later and cringed, just know you’re not alone – even professional athletes aren’t immune.

Then there’s this person who got a tattoo of her face and she definitely wasn’t impressed. Face tattoos are a dangerous move, we’ve all seen the countless ‘tattoo fail’ galleries and there’s always at least a handful of portraits.

And finally, here she is shutting down QB Chad Kelly who now plays for the Denver Broncos.